After weeks of calm, poker tournaments are back. For poker fans, whether they are professionals or amateurs, they will be spoiled. The program is quite full as they can take part in many tournaments scheduled every weekend in France. The Pasino located in La Grande Motte, Hérault, will open the festivities from Friday. Its classic PPD at 440 + € 60 of buy-in await poker enthusiasts. The structure with 50,000 chips for 50 minutes over three days is always maintained.

In Paris, the Aviation Club de France has not been left behind. The poker game establishment will hold the ACF Cup at € 735 on Saturday and Sunday. A week later, Lille will host the final tournament of the season 2014 of the Barrière Poker Tour. For 3 days, from September 12 to 14, there will be several events which the most expected is certainly the Main Event at € 500 + 70 (1A day, 1B day)

The American poker player “Mark Newhouse” is one of the few poker professionals to qualify for the WSOP for the second consecutive time. This native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has been a regular poker player (cash game tables is what he enjoys the most) at Casino Commerce in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years now. He finished 9th place in the 2013 WSOP Main Event for a prize of $ 733,224.

For the 2014 wsop edition, which will run from November 10 to 11, Newhouse is armed enough to face his opponents: he is third in terms of chip counts. This year, he has accomplished some good wins without expressing too much stress. His huge stack is another key point that strengthens his confidence heading to the upcoming battle. Pending the ultimate stage of the 2014 WSOP, Newhouse seems to have nothing great to handle. What is on is that he will not set his foot for a game of poker to Commerce Casino.

Both qualified for the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup of football, France and Germany are going to meet again on the Brazilian pitch on Friday July 4th for the semifinals. Two teams with very redoubtable potency, the French team and the Mannschaft have a whole show to give to the spectators as well as for the enthusiasts of sports betting, especially as Friday won’t be the first match they will have to play. This Friday, it’s the match France-Germany which will open the quarterfinal phase for this edition of the World Cup of football. This will be neither the first one nor the last that these two European teams will confront in the World Cup Championship.

But it’s immediately the semifinal played in Seville which comes back in mind for all fans of football and free bet. In 1982 in Seville, the FRG played the penultimate phase of the World Cup against the French team; a match which ended by the defeat of the latter in a penalty shoot-out (5 à 4). Thirty two years later, the two neighboring countries, France and Germany, meet again after their respective victory on Nigeria and Algeria. The pitch risks being hot, and even more the atmosphere in the platforms of sport online, because it’s time for French players to take their revenge on their throwers of 32 years ago.

Because of its many advantages and because of the huge sum that every can win, poker is the reason why many people left their jobs. Some of these people did effectively the right choice, they have even become big names in poker. Well, this is not a simple story, it’s proven because with poker, you can quickly become a millionaire. Just by logging on to internet and accessing a poker website or an online Casino Bet, a player can win a big jackpot and win a package that can let them participate in major live poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) or the European Poker Tour. If you’re lucky enough, you can still receive a large amount at these major competitions. Winning gold bracelets in an international renowned tournament can let you win sponsorship contract to become a professional player. So don’t hesitate anymore, a wonderful world wait you.

Surely, playing online games involves money and lots of money for some times. It makes people think that if you do not have money; your access to these online casinos is denied. And it is true. Most of casinos on the Internet request your personal information inclusive of your bank account or credit card number before giving you green light to their websites. Fortunately, there are best online casinos that belong to well known groups which let you play without paying anything. Indeed, you are giving opportunity to download their flash game software for free where you can play online games like slots, poker video and more. You can have fun with but also occasions to learn. You can experience the pleasure of playing attracting games. If you are new to these all, you can take all your time because there is no limit or deadline.

Once you have gotten used to the atmosphere at the casino it becomes time to pay closer attention to the unwritten rules at the playing tables. It really is matter of adopting good manners. This may sound silly, but as casino visitor you really are responsible for your own fun and the best thing is to basically ignore the other casino visitors.

Bear in mind that you are not allowed to touch anything: no opponents, no chips and no cards. They chips are on the table and they are only to be moved by the dealer to prevent collusion. Also refrain for commenting on the playing styles of your opponents. Let you co-players play how they want to play. Unrequested advice is considered patronizing by most players and will not be appreciated. Keep your goal in mind and stay focused on your own game.

Complaining about the dealer is also not done. Nobody is perfect and even dealers are only human. Of course it is possible to indicate when the dealers make a mistake (which is always possible), but make sure to stay positive and approachable. Never cause a scene, because this will only annoy your opponents and will not do anything for the good atmosphere.


The fact that Microgaming supplies software to more than 120 of the internets’ busiest and most successful casinos is testament to their own success. This together with brilliant frontend software, an aggressive rollout of new games and multiplayer games as well as tournaments is what gives them the leading edge. Obviously the back office has something to do with success too, but as long as our financial transactions are safe, we are not too concerned about back office stuff. Although every player who wishes to keep track of every deposit, wager, withdrawal and game played, is going to love their reporting systems.

Viper is aptly named and it is this product that gives them the true edge over other developers. It has come about as a result of years of testing and development and like all their best-of-breed development strategies; the advantages for players are many. These advantages include: graphically rich design, advanced mode for players who are already masters of the game; they may also play with pre-defined strategy. New games delivered monthly if not weekly and a personalized experience for every casino client.

On the Microgaming Viper label, we find thrilling slots games such as Thunderstruck (a firm favourite with three different ways to play), Big Kahuna, 10-Player Power Poker, 3-Card Poker, Aces and Faces, Bonus Blackjack and Tomb Raider – you remember the Lara Croft Adventures? When you download the software, new games are automatically and seamlessly loaded the next time you login to play games. However for players who take the non-download route; even over low bandwidths, games load quickly and it is not necessary to download the entire casino if this in not what the player wants.

With Web-based software and nothing to download, players can get right to the heart of the action and there are a ton of simple to play games which offer as much excitement as the download variety. There are games for every level of expertise, and if you don’t know how to play they will teach you. One of the most brilliant things about playing at good online casinos is that you learn to play online and can walk into a live casino anywhere else in the world and play any table game that you choose.

Change languages, there are many selections in this portfolio and games automatically translate; screens size may also be changed to suit player requirements. Launch directly into “Free Mode” if you like and learn the foibles of a game first. Live dealer is another new and very exciting way to play at Microgaming casinos – there are no random number generators in these games. There are actual live dealers who shuffle cards from a shoe in real time. Wager while you watch live video streaming and new multi-player games are also available in a live format with more coming online all the time.

Check out the slots tournaments too, these are another revolutionary area of game development. These tourneys are fun, fast-paced excitement and the competitive aspect is only one of the many added attractions.

Casino Riva is a virtual casino that offers many games, such as land-based casinos. A real paradise for all players loving table games, poker, blackjack and baccarat, without forgetting the existence of roulette and slot machines that appear in the game options of Casino Riva. In truth, the site offers over 300 games with quality and fabulous graphics, but also progressive jackpots. A trusted online casino, Casino Riva and its team is effectively very famous all around the world although it only existed since 2007 and on the other hand, approved by the Government of Malta that offer European license. So, monetary transactions, withdrawal and deposit are secured, because Casino Riva uses the best encrypted security software. There’s anymore things to hesitate, you had only to enter, to log, to download its software or choose flash game and the joy of being among a famous website is available to you!

The atmosphere is tense in the state of Missouri as the local Gaming Commission is to decide who is going to receive the last of the limited number of licences for casino operators. Competing cities are Cape Girardeau, St. Luis and Sugar Creek. Candidates are mainly decided upon based on the benefits they are able to present to the treasury and how far their ability to satisfy also local needs of their home towns goes. Before choosing a candidate who will then be allowed to proceed with the realisation of their building plan, the Commission considers the annual revenues and resulting taxes as one of the major factors. For example, the Cape Girardeau venue would, by estimate, create 450 jobs and over 17 million of incremental tax revenue. Results of the tough battle will be known soon.

Women are more and more interested in poker but if you compare them to men, their strategy is quite different. Men like playing with their instinct and women like playing with their suspicion. It can be strange for a lot of people but women can feel things. Nevertheless, suspicion it is not the only think to have when you play poker, you have also to analyse cards, guess the probability to win and also analyse the behaviour of your opponents. Something important to know is that women represent a little part of poker players. One 100 players, 1 player is a woman.

From now, I will introduce a number of women who scare the poker planet.

Kathy Liebert

The first one is Kathy Liebert with 5 717 426$ of rewards. She is American of course but compare to a lot of women who play poker. Kathy Liebert is quite simple and discreet. She doesn’t like camera and prefer to be far from them. She is not very sexy and she likes to play with the same purple t-shirt and her pink hat most of the time, like a lucky charm. She has already won a bracelet in 2004 and she finishes quite often on a finale table. She has to hobby, she practises karate and also she likes stock exchange. So if you want to have a fight with her it would be better to do it in head up in poker!

Annie Duke

Annie Duke was very popular to be the sister of Howard Lederer, a very good player in poker. Annie has reached the amount of 4 million dollars already. She is also American such like the best women player and Annie doesn’t play just for her but she plays also to help charity association. When she has time she doesn’t hesitate to participate to a tournament to hels children or homeless. He has another talent too. She is personal trainer in poker and the last player that she trains was Ben Afleck. Through her, Ben Aflleck has won a big tournament leaving really good professional players behind him and through that, popularity was more impressive.

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad is a young Norwich and she started to play at 15 years old on internet even if it was illegal. The leant a lot through the different website she was using and she pissed off a lot a poker player through her behaviour. She won a lot through online poker and by it, she started to be a poser and taunt everyone around her. Except that poker players didn’t appreciate it at all. And one of them told her what everyone was thinking about her. After that, she calmed down a lot. She has a rewards of 3 136 532$.

Vanessa Rousso

She is American but she is also French, she has the double nationality and she own a reward in poker of 2 639 589$. She speaks French and English as a mother tong. 2009 was her year. Indeed, in 2009, the poker player won a reward of 1.3 million dollars. She also finishes runner-up with Huck Seed at the NBC Heads Up.